• from the book: Data Quality is for Everyone

There are lots of exciting new technologies on the landscape today. You’ve heard about the Internet of Things, Blockchain, cloud computing, and Machine Learning. Depending on the nature of your job you, or your company, may be exploring them.

The reason I…

This Chapter focuses on something I call, “The Friday Afternoon Measurement.” We all know that “you can’t manage what you don’t measure.” It’s just as true for data quality as it is for anything else. But data quality seems so ethereal and technical. How can we measure it?

That’s where…

If I asked you for your address, you might say, “10 Main Street, Anytown, USA,” your correct street address.

Then I could respond, “Thank you.” Or I might respond, “No, I meant your email address.”

And you would say, “Ah, its suzyqpublic@gmail.com.

The vignette illustrates two very different aspects of…

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Chapter 1: What is this “data stuff” everyone is talking about?

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that data touches both our personal and professional lives, in so many ways, everyday. Yet everything about “data” is so confusing, locked away and the province of a new elite. It is easy to get scared and turn away.

Not so…

Tom Redman

“the Data Doc,” helps organizations chart courses to data-driven futures, with special emphasis on quality and data science. www.dataqualitysolutions.com

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